Band Photography

At Excell Photography we can provide images suitable for promotional use, social media use and album covers.

We can provide both solo artists and bands with location photoshoots and coverage of live events and gigs.

Excell Rocks - Broken Soul - Demons - Promo

We understand that all bands are in different situations and have differing budgets depending on if you're a new band, you're a weekend gigging band, you're either an unsigned or signed band or you're a full-time touring band.

Kursk - Promotional Image

We therefore are happy to work with you to achieve whatever we can based upon any budget that you may have and hopefully deliver above and beyond what is expected. Our aim is to forge a lasting relationship to support you time after time.

Your success is our success.

Kursk Japn CD Release Image

Album Images

Do you need photography for an upcoming album release? We can provide band and individual images for album cover or inlay use.

Premium shoot locations are available throughout the country to cover every possibility on request.

Excell Rocks - Social Media Images

Social Media Images

We can provide a range of images sized for use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

We can create custom Facebook and Twitter page headers from images as well and can incorporate your own logo if required.

Excell Rocks - Band promotional images

Promotional Images

We can edit images to include text for flyers or with a blank space for signing at shows.

Images can also provided at resolutions for use on your website.

Want something different then how about a shoot using coloured smoke grenades or shot at some cool location.